Placemaking in Scioto County: Call for Nominations

SSU’s Clark Memorial Library Requests Nominations

Placemaking in Scioto County

The Clark Memorial Library at Shawnee State University is hosting an upcoming public event entitled “Placemaking in Scioto County: How Newcomers and Returning Residents Impact Our Community.”

The event will be held on Friday, April 12, from 6-8 p.m. at the Kricker Innovation Hub, located at 221 Chillicothe Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. The program committee is seeking nominations from local citizens, groups, and organizations in order to recognize two separate categories:

Category 1: Newcomers– These individuals were born and raised outside of Southern Ohio and the Tri State area, yet they choose to live here now.

Category 2: Returners– These folks were born and raised locally, moved elsewhere, and have since returned home to Southern Ohio.

The event seeks to build local creative, social, and business networks all while recognizing community leaders and those who are making a positive difference in Portsmouth and the surrounding region. Funded in part through a grant from the Center for Folklore Studies at The Ohio State University, the event is part of a larger collaborative exhibition entitled “Placemaking in Scioto County, Ohio.” The overall project aims to explore how residents of the county create a sense of place in an ever-changing environment by engaging cultural practices that respond to and transform their communities.

The event will include a series of “Lightning Talks” given by the nominated newcomers and returners. These talking sessions will answer two important questions: Why did they come to (or return to) Portsmouth? And what have they done to positively impact the community?

Nominated community members may include (but are not limited to) entrepreneurs, educators, public officials, medical professionals, faith leaders, and those who devote their time to community service.

To participate in the nomination process, visit All nominations must be received by Friday, March 1, 2019. The event program committee will select approximately twelve individuals after the nomination process has closed.

For more information, contact:

Janet Stewart

Dean of Library Services

Clark Memorial Library


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